Clubriot [Triple Album]

by vodkajuniors



released April 19, 2015



all rights reserved


vodkajuniors Αθήνα, Greece

Always Question Authority

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Track Name: [A] Champions
"Sometimes it feels like I am standing alone
Sometimes my dreams are dark and cold
Thats when I close my broken eyes
Thats when I clench my fists and rise

Under the raging sun, we stood in silence as we
struggled to withhold this volcano of violence
Our veins were swollen with boiling blood
I could take the whole world down with just one hand

Humble I step and take the challenge
Got this fear in my chest its name's Goliath
But I got a fire in my eyes that burns deep inside (from within)
and it cannot be tamed no it cannot be tamed

Never give up, Never give in, Show your heart,

My body hurts but my heart is screaming harder
My body aches but my will is growing stronger
My feet are bruised my face is scarred
This beat up flesh is going far and this is just the start

Oh Oh I've been waiting for this moment for so long
Oh Oh I'm the champion of my world

One more try one more set
I'm falling down, but I don't give in
One more round one more lap
I'm falling down, but i ll never give up"
Track Name: [A] Count on me
"So here it goes, some sort of reality dose shot straight in your veins to remind you and awaken the monster inside you so tell me now, did you stay true to your childhood dreams, did you ever do the things that you planned as kids? Did you travel the world and explore the land, when you saw something wrong did you take a stand?

Well I'm not sure you did, and I'm just here to help
We're all in this to the endl, you're not alone, you 're not alone
You can count on me to change the world

I can get rid of fascism and unite the nations all I need's a teacher and two generations. I can get rid of violence and unite the kids, just give me some bass and a drum kick It's not too late to change your fate so If you feel ashamed and want to be free just step inside and follow my lead

14 and ready for action
15 came mass destruction
16 ready for war
17 fuck the world

18 years down the lane
19 I'm going insane
20 years old I 'm on the run
21 still having fun

22 got nothing to do
23, 24 got nothing to prove
25 got no time I'm the first to dive
26 got my kicks and I'm still alive

27 'm off to heaven
28 'm running late
29 I walk the line going back for more
30 years old still shining gold"
Track Name: [A] Tear it down
"Everywhere I go everything I do
I'm always fighting the tide, I'm always fighting the tide
it feels like a race that I'm not supposed to win
well it's such a lonely ride, and it's such a lonely ride
but I gather all my strength and I focus on the road
mediocrity is the enemy of all the things I've known and through
storms I navigate myself by chasing down the rainbow
with the sun by my side, with the sun by my side

Sick of all the rules that I am taught to always follow
Sick of all the lies that's supposed to keep me hollow
Sick of all the sadness, all the blows in my head
My answer's filled with madness, all alone till I'm dead

There's a thousand ways to live, a thousand ways to go
And if I think about it much I'll find a thousand more
But there's only one I choose and stay loyal to the end
The hardest one the loneliest the one that keeps me scared

There's a wall standing tall right in front of me but I'm gonna tear it down

Crawling uphill in the mud like the worms
Escaping myself from all the useless norms
blind, lost and doomed but so damn fresh
All the people in my path what a waste of flesh

And so I ride against the tide
And it's such a lonely ride, and it's such a lonely ride

We stand by the fire
eyes burning with desire
our dreams illuminate the sky
this silence is a war cry"
Track Name: [A] Dance to the horizon
"There are mountains ahead
There are tears to be shed
There is cold and despair
There is darkness and hell
But I can make it I swear
I will dance to the end or
I'll die trying

straight into a storm but I'm holding on

Somewhere after the blaze
That's where innocence plays
Just keep walking and walking and walking for days
And I will make it I swear
I will dance to the end or
I'll die trying

I’m dancing, dancing away
I know that we’ll dance to the horizon someday
We’re dancing, dancing away
We’ll dance to the end of the horizon someday"
Track Name: [A] Walk with me
"Sail with me wear your favorite dress
I found a way out, out of this mess
Walk with me and close your eyes
I built a kingdom to waste your time

Dry your eyes, and don't be scared
I will fight the monsters living under your bed
Dry your eyes, let the sun shine trhough
I will take you far away where dreams come true

Walk with me
Stay with me

Stay with me and don't let go
we'll sit here waiting for the sun to go down
Race with me to where the moon will rise
you can watch the sunset while I'm watching you smile

and if the stars begin to fade I'll make them bright again
and if the time is not enough I'll make it stop forever
and if the world begins to shake, I'll make the sky a shelter
and if the world begins to shake

I need someone to hold me when its dark
to take me home when I'm drunk
Someone to hold my head
Someone to call me dead"
Track Name: [A] Stranded
"Cold hands, heartbeats
The fever burns, just wont retreat
There is a time when it all goes away
This is the moment when nightime turns to day.

No longer have shields, open wounds
These streets are battlefields
Oh damn i'm stuck in here.
It feels like i've been stuck for years.
I swim like a drop in an ocean of tears
My tears are forever
I need a place to spend the night
I need a place to hide away
This is where darkness lives under the sun, lives down here forever.
Promise you'll never

Don't leave me stranded
Don't leave me standing on my own
Tell me a story, take me to a place where i belong.

Take me to a place where i belong,
i dont wanna be here anymore.
My heart is pounding like a drum
My lips are sore and i wonder why
I try to escape but in flames i burn
Noone will ever hear me cry"
Track Name: [A] Remains
"I 'll sing the remains of that beautiful life
we once had but you gave up the fight
i loved you and i will love you forever
my best friend my brother the best story teller so long

A part of my died but i guess its alright
you'll be in my mind every drunken night
so ill dance now, dance now till i hit the floor
like you wanted but this time i'll dance like i ve never danced before
either this or my head against the wall

Hello if you want step inside in my prison
or just leave me alone cause i ve got my reasons
heads up high i stare at the sky
the remains of that beautiful life we once had

A part of my died but i guess its alright
you'll be in my mind every drunken night
so ill dance now, dance now till i hit the floor
like you wanted but this time i'll dance like i ve never danced before
either this or my head against the wall"
Track Name: [A] Broken melodies
"Sometimes i don't know how to feel
sometimes i just wanna take my own fucking eyes out
a life full of mistakes and a heart that never breaks
from the brightest nights to the darkest days
i am trying to do what it takes but for you tomorrow it won't matter
look around we're dying

So i lay low, keep my head down, work on my mistakes

hit me with a sound and i will dance around
the feel of the drumbeat is all I need tonight
what you got fill it up in the tallest glass
cause it's never enough

So I lay low, keep my head down, work on my mistakes"
Track Name: [A] Killing me
"An empty room full up with dreams it looks so calm, but its about to explode
You wont stop me you cant stop me, in this room I can breath can you feel what i feel?
This special place my answer to the world in this room I don't age I never get old...

This time we took the long way home but I dont care my
back can hold the weight of the world
and if you dare dare dare to bail out just listen
can you hear hear hear thats my heart thats wishing to reunite with you
and if you dare dare dare to bail out just listen
can you hear hear hear thats my heart thats looking out for you
Am i waiting for the world or is the world waiting for me?

For all the times I cried and I held it in me
For all the times I froze when our paths crossed
this silence is killing me so slowly
doubts are taking over and I'm losing myself
I'm losing the world... These nights last forever

Such a long way home, don't wanna be alone
Such a long way home, I 'm walking on my own"
Track Name: [A] No sense
"She walks right through the walls and into my heart tearing it all apart
She turns cold rocks to burning sand and she hands it back to me and into my hand
Pissed off I pick up the pieces and I walk away determined to carry on
She laughs watching me making plans, as if I have any control on this resistance is futile

She gets closer as I run away but when I turn around she's gone
and I wouldn't mind at all as long as she's gone away forever
By now I should have somehow found a way to make things right
but I just keep on staring at the wall, this world makes no sense at all

Stay away little girl, can't you see the wall
She walks right through as if there's nothing at all"
Track Name: [A] No fear
"Do what you want and share what you feel
Never stand down and conquer your fears
stay humble stay positive
stay strong stay innocent
destroy mediocrity question the masses
question everything even these words
embrace nature and choose to live free
in N dimensions they can only hurt us in three

Choose your path wherever it goes
Choose your life and reject the norms
Refuse to be silent unless it's your choice
Never be scared of the sound of your voice
Appreciate help whenever in need
Be gentle and kind to those who are weak
When you see love then handle with care
When you see wrong then be ruthless and dare"
Track Name: [A] Methematica
"Trapped in Methematica drops it's a dead end, take a trip inside my head
warfare of the logical kind, infinity is messing with my mind, my heart is pounding
endlessly colliding patterns, I cannot escape, while the clock keeps ticking
hopelessly sinking, I cannot control my thoughts free fall

My brain doesn't know when to stop no!
I wish I could make all the thoughts go
Not sure what is real, what's the truth
what to feel, in the darkest paths of my mind I am lost
flirting with madness, at least I'm through with sadness
life would be so beautiful if it was not so fucked up

Yeah it would be so beautiful if it was not so fucked up

Locked up in a room full of psychos
what the fuck it's myself on the mirrors
I confuse what is there, what is not
who I am, who I'm not, these spiral loops I fall
flirting with madness, at least I'm through with sadness
life would be so beautiful if it was not so fucked up

I broke my head and I’m falling I’m falling apart
My mind is melting I just can't make it to stop"
Track Name: [A] Footbomb
"Why is it when I talk, like I'm talking to a wall?
I've lost all faith in the human race
Noone understands, noone ever comprehends the magnitude of loss
Hey man wake up we got a man down!

open your eyes, open your mind

choose your weapon you'll never break me
choose your weapon you'll never break me
dodging bullets since the age of five
All these weapons so way to stay alive

I know we're all crazy, I know we're all fed up
with their pathetic smile oh fuck they make me sick...
and always when i talk its like i am talking to a wall
well next time, I 'll break that fucking wall down"
Track Name: [A] Riding the sky
"Take a good look at the stars in the sky and tell me how it feels
does it make you wanna go away for a while and chase something real
like the waves and the wind and the downhill streams and the sunsets shining your eyes
does it make you wanna go away for a while escape from all they lies

Take a deep breath like it is your last one and rest your weary eyes
does it make you wanna go to faraway lands where all your dreams reside
like the waves and the wind and the downhill streams and the sunsets shining your eyes
does it make you wanna go away for a while escape from all they lies

So take a big walk down an uncharted path and leave your life behind
don't be scared of the risks that lie ahead lose yourself into the wild
do you have the will can you handle the thrill of letting your feelings flow
can you take on everyone and everything and watch your heart explode

Rolling, Riding the sky..."
Track Name: [A] the Walk (no Land's man)
"As I walk through the valley, the valley of the dead
pictures of my family running through my head
and I 'm falling down struggling with the pace
I got the whole world standing standing in my face

nobody wants me here... so i keep walking, keep walking

The heat, the cold, questioning my soul
The wind, the rain, struggling with the pain
one thousand miles ahead horizon is my bed
one breath closer, closer to the end

nobody wants me here... so i keep walking, keep walking

holding my breath trying to stay afloat
I can see the surface fading out above
I'm holding tight to whatever's left inside
distant worn out memories of life, all that's left behind

If i close my eyes
If i close my eyes
If i close my eyes
death awaits

nobody wants me here... so i keep walking but there's nowhere left to go

No land's man... red skies above this is my home"
Track Name: [A] Always question authority
"we believe in nothing and we follow noone
we believe in nothing and we belong nowhere
across my heart I wrote always question authority
for all I am is the symptom of a sick society
breaking rules and having fun breaking rules all night long

Another night together up to the morning
Hanging out with friends and planning something
as the night went by an old man approached me
he said you won't change nothing by fighting with authority
breaking rules and having fun breaking rules all night long

got no respect for the masses
got no respect for the masses
got no respect for the masses
expect no peace till there's justice

breaking rules and having fun breaking rules all night long"
Track Name: [B] Last Chance
"And so we danced
with all the crazy ones
and you might steal from us the light
but its us who own the night

Oh boy take a look there's blood in my face
it must be that dirty sound this monster bassline
Break the walls come join the dancefloor
Get your hands up move your feet now faster

The power of the subs we'll move the earth
and swallow everybody that is messing with our heads
so dance to the rhythm, dance dance to the rhythm dance
this might be your last chance

Damn right this place is a cage fight
Damn right this stage is going down tonight
Staring at this crowd of beautiful faces
Turn the mic up my heart races

Your eyes... stars in the darkest nights
Your soul.... hope in this fucked up world"
Track Name: [B] Slowly fading away
"It's 05:00 AM, I'm having nightmares again
'Cause the pain's too strong and i can hardly get along
Now this poison in me, is what they call my remedy
it only gets me through the night, but i can get my self free

We hold the sun in our hearts, deep down inside where it hurts
Our days are nights with no stars
And when I think that i'm through, I'm always thinking of you
It's all I can do to hang on, I'll get by and I'll carry on

These hearts are wild, cannot be tamed
Possessed with love, that turned to rage
Your eyes are fire, that burns inside
No place to run, 'cause all we've got is tonight"
Track Name: [B] Can we play now?
"1, 2, 3, 4 we ain't got no place to go
5, 6, 7, 8 we 're so fucking full of hate
Tearing down this broken town for free

Growing under a raging thunder
Playing the game reclaiming the streets without shame
We wait in line our turn to shine and scream

Back flips on a rope, burning up in smoke
cheating death and laughing at the odds
we're riding to the sun, come get us if you can

Living on the edge of the world taking our time
cheating death and breaking our bones
when the night falls down then anything goes

So we went to school then left away to university
and now we're back without a job
so can we play now?

So we sacrificed the best part of our lives
and now we're standing on the ashes of our dreams
so can we please play now?"
Track Name: [B] Disconnected
"Disconnected from the world again, nothing seems to work inside my head
but I'm a rock, I'm a rock in the sea, you can drown me in the water but you'll never break me

Deep in the night like a thief in the dark, a madman on his deathrow waiting for a spark
Walking the streets and hiding in the grey, searching for the life I lost along the way

Disconnected from the world"
Track Name: [B] Dream fighters
"We never know what we want
We always try to get it
its just another big walk
to where our dreams are heading
You can’t stop me no!

We never know where we are
We always try to get in
its just another big walk
to where our dreams are heading
You can’t stop me no!"
Track Name: [B] Bubbles
"Wars and violence... all I want is my silence
Greed and decay... there's nothing here for me to stay

As the days go by, all I do is growing young
I'm a little kid making bubbles in the wind, can I please just die in the sun
I'm a little boy can I please destroy, everything that spoils my fun
As the days go by, all I do is growing young
I'm a little kid making bubbles in the wind, I don't care if I die today
I'm a little boy can I please destroy, everything that spoils my play"
Track Name: [B] Wolf breed
"Down this silent path, you will find a sea of wrath
waiting for the time to come, laying down the masterplan
Down this unknown road, that is where we sold our soul
we are the new breed, we are the new breed...

Counting down the time breathing darkness never shine
waiting for the night to come, laying down the masterplan
Down this unknown road, that is where we sold our soul
we are the new breed, we are the new breed...

We got no jobs, no future, no money, no nothing
sick of running away from all...
we are the few, the lost generation
We are the few, yeah we built a foundation
Two steps forward, no steps back, like wolves we pack,
and attack for we got nothing to lose, no time to waste
and the underground is our weapon of taste
Got the music got the will, and that's about all the thrill we need
Looking down it looks so pretty, taking hostage the whole city
Well we go with the flow, we create, we destroy
making way for the new breed, planting the new seed
Taking our chances, we 're fighting the masses
And if this is a war then bring on the clashes

They say the game is fixed and I should do what I'm told
and there is no point in me standing here naked in the cold
but I got a plan, I got a plan! their ships will soon be sinking
I am what I think and you don't know what I'm thinking
They say I am a child, as they point and laugh at my face
a child that's been left out of this never ending race
I got a heart full of pain and fists full of rage
they hold they history books but I'll write the last page
And when I'm done and there's nothing left but the mountains and the trees
nothing but the birds, the forests and the seas
I won't be praying and I won't say a word for only god can judge me and there is no god
We are the kids born in violence, we are the kids raised in silence
We are the kids and in the fullness of time, we are the kids we are the ones to survive"
Track Name: [B] We re back!
"Oh yeah we re back! We're on the attack!
Just because we haven't doesn't mean we can't
Oh yeah we roll! We'll take on the whole world!
Just because we haven't doesn't mean we won't

All right we're here to set things straight
Just because we're patient doesn't mean we'll wait
All right we're set so brace yourselves
Just cause we forgive doesn't mean we forget

Raise the earth and shake the time has come to wake the silent monster
Mad state, battle trance and all this silence is our chance to wake the monster
Oh Oh Oh Oh the big takeover
Staring down the eyes the time has come to rise and nothing can restrain the waves

There's two things in my head... One is pure, unconditional love.
And the other? Well the other is uncontrollable relentless rage"
Track Name: [B] Blood in your eyes
"Sometimes I look at the sun and all I see is black, someday I ‘m gonna leave this place and never come back, but then I look in your eyes and I know there are some things I gotta do before I go…

I thought my silence would just lead myself away, I thought my patience would never turn to rage, but then I look in your eyes and I know I have to fight with everyone to make your tears go

this place, this place is killing me, blood in blood out"
Track Name: [B] Unison
"It was a stormy night we left this place and never said goodbye
and now I 'm travelling... and now I 'm travelling
I'm chasing the horizon where the sea meets the sky
faster and faster, I'm ready to fly

The land is dark and blends with all the distant nothingness
slowly I've been losing sight of all the city lights
I'm climbing up the universe to new euphoric altitudes
and I don't mind the solitude cause I am one with all

And now my senses start exploring new dimensions
I've wasted so much time, I'm leaving it all behind
I'll never go back, I'm done with all
sedated by this new found world, I had not imagined before

My clothes are shred I'm naked now, I'm one with nature now
there will come a day when you will understand that we all are one there's no promised land
and all the sadness will decay and all the pain will melt away
and you will find peace and prosperity live through the others for eternity"
Track Name: [B] the Monster
"I tried my best but I am feeling nothing
I spend my days waiting, waiting for something
But nothing ever comes and when it comes it never stays
I've turned into a monster, silently counting days

If there are rules to follow I follow none
if there's a road to hell then that's where I'm on
And it takes all of my strength and all my will just to survive
I've turned into a monster, dead but still alive

I may seem fearless but I'm, I'm so alone
I may not talk enough but, silence is gold
And violence I detest unless it's channeled to myself
I've turned into a monster, waiting for the end"
Track Name: [B] Deep Chaos
"Walking alone the city lights blur
I started somewhere but I can't remember where
stars like fireworks up in the air
when will the time come when I will have my share

Here i come, i cant wait, look my hands shake
for those dirty licks, those undergroung tricks
like kicks in the head, homebred by the masters of pain
it aint about the money and it aint about fame
so cut me loose, and bring the juice
for i 'm racing) down, 100 miles an hour, with titan power
but sweet and sour, so come around and see me rolling
I m falling down crawling for the sound

Boom drop the sound to sub quake the ground
we go back in time way back to the start
when beats were raw and they dropped like danger
oooh so much flavor
So turn the lights out, turn the mics up
right up there on the sidewalk i put my soul
for sale and made a deal with the devil
oooh now I'm doomed forever

Now back in the basement my fingers
smashing the bass with my brothers
burning the strings and beat those drums
singing our lives and screaming our hearts
Standing on the edge of the world with my crown
I can see the sonic stom flooding everything around
and I grab my board and ride the sound wave sets
as I mute the noise of my past regrets

so this is all it takes this is all it takes
the right set of chords and some funky breaks
and it keeps me sane and I walk the line
I don't need no sleep I can go all through the night"
Track Name: [B] Rebirth (feat. Βηταπεις)
"...You know we're used to all this mess, somehow we get by, day by day
We never settle for nothing less, nothing less than everything
so this is a call to everyone, everyone that stands in the shadows
it's time we get back the world they've taken from us..."
Track Name: [B] Gold cage freedom
"This is our life one show at a time
Only proof I'm alive is the blood on the mic
and despite all the pain and the late nights
I'd never change anything, never change nothing
there's something more than music
something raw this dirty connection
and if you don't believe I got scars to prove it
if you don't believe come join a session

Addicted to the road
one thing I have come to know
I count my age in miles not years
And I got thousands more to go
I feed my soul with smiles and tears
and I remember every show every
night every face every distant place
I'd do it all again whatever it takes

Melting with the sound to the ground like liquid
and sleep can wait for a date and a drink with
death and myself I'm ready to live
without the music its hard to breathe
so I lay back and tune my weapons to
hijack the sound of the neighborhood
This stage is going down tonight
This is our life one show at a time

Give me a shout I'm good to go
I don't need no crowd I'm good to go
A glow in your eyes and I'm good to go
I don't need no lights I'm good to go
Give me some bass I'm good to go
I don't need no stage I'm good to go
One more round and I can see the sun
Group therapy session one

Can anyone hear me, am I invisible?
Cause I'm screaming my heart out tonight all night
Can anyone see me I'm soaked in anxious sweat
Alone in my kingdom, my gold cage freedom..."
Track Name: [B] Rubbles of my life
"Walking through the city, streets are empty
Roaming through the city, through the rubbles of my life
Running in despair I hear the silence
Covering the echos of the laughter from the past

This city is dying, the walls are hiding the pain
but I would rather die than walk away

I can see the shadows in the distance
I can see the colors fading slowly into black
And all that's left from yesterday's nothing
And that's enought to make me stay until the bitter end

This city is dying, the walls are hiding the pain
This city is dying, the walls are crying
but I would rather die than walk away

All the kids have gone away, swings left hanging in decay
this place used to be alive, noone is left to say goodbye
All my friends have gone away, and there's no one here to play
I'm so scared to be alone, I'm so scared but everyone's gone"
Track Name: [B] Waves
"I'm begging you waves, carry me far away from this place

When waves become tsunamis and mountains volcanoes
When cats become tigers and dogs become wolves
When rivers turn red, and skies turn black
Take a look at the horizon… the silent are back

When the young turn to warriors and the old turn to masters
beware of what's after, prepare for destruction...

Can you feel the rash burning your skin from within the thrill of the blue moon fight tonight?
I'm begging you waves, carry me far away from this place"
Track Name: [B] Warrior lullaby
"Μάνα συγχώρα με κι αν φεύγω βράδυ
Κούνια θα ΄ν΄ τα κύματα, κι οι ανέμοι χάδι
Κι όταν έρθει η νύχτα και ανέβει το φεγγάρι
στρώμα θα ΄ν΄ το χώμα κι οι πέτρες μαξιλάρι

Φέρτε μου θεριά, θεριά τα λυσσασμένα
Στα χέρια μου τα δυο να τα πνίγω ένα ένα
Γκρέμιζα βουνά κι έπινα θάλασσες για χρόνια
κι ήρθα και γονάτισα μπροστά σε σένα τώρα"
Track Name: [C] Heroes
"I've been left in a place where the wind doesn't blow
Now i'm counting the days far away from home
I've been caught in a maze, the sun won't shine anymore
Now is the time, but I've got nowhere to go

Tired of being sorry, and sick of been sad
This time we won't back out, this battle is our plan
We live through the day with the sun by our side
Together we go down tonight

I maybe standing in the gutter, but still looking at the stars
Far away from the answers, all alone in the dark
Getting high but down low, now i smile on my own
All of the heroes have died in the cold"
Track Name: [C] Bright lights
"Bright lights flashing on the other side
Purple clouds and a blue moon rising tide
Sound waves smashing all that's left behind
Slowly crawling away through space and time"
Track Name: [C] We don't break down
"One by one down they go my dreams in a row they burn
and wave goodbye to my broken soul I can feel my stomach churn
and right now I am nothing smashing my head to find something
this race is death am out of breath my life is black my heart is dead

and slowly I'm losing my mind and this buzz in my head is fucking my brain
and I wish just once I had the time but no, not now, I m going insane
and I fall and fall and I fall and suddenly I am so small
and I stretch my hand look what I found unbroken I stand cause I got the sound

We dont break down, what you hear is our sound
We dont break down, raised and born from the ground
We dont break down, we want it loud, we dont break down
We dont break down, everybody moving when we come around

Back again deep down my sins I shake in my bed as it spins and spins
in my dreams I scream and sink in my fears drop by drop now a stream of tears
back again I'm trapped again trapped in this no future land
like a warzone all alone biting myself down to the bone

Now stop yeah you in the mirror next to death your life's a thriller
blood in your eyes you know I see them put your drinks where i can drink them
I m watching you know... yeah... you but I’m holding on and I push the ground
I m watching you know... yeah... you... Unbroken I stand cause I got the sound"
Track Name: [C] By the shore
"I need nothing more than light in my eyes
I can rest my soul forever staring at the morning rise
by the shore, in the shade, I lay my head and watch the tide
fairy tales of long gone kingdoms wasting my time

And when I'm dancing through the waves
my heart explodes inside my veins
a thrill so real I can't escape
the thrill of living the life you shape

Biting on my lips I can feel the blood flow
I can taste the sea burning down to my soul
the fearless wind ripping everything around
this place is home this place i found

this is all I am this is all I am
lost in the wild and chasing the sun
and all the wounds have healed and the tears gone dry
this breathtaking view embracing the sky"
Track Name: [C] In rough seas we sail
"In rough seas we sail, from land to land
follow the camp fire light, sink your feet in the sand
black magic and naked flesh
dancing off the salty flavored sweat

Taste the poison and move to the drums
let your unconscious mind reveal the lust
trust me your heart and i ll give you the sound
i ll take you to a place you can never be found

looting the islands and sailing the seas
longing for a night of lust on the beach
our deepest fears all out in the open
sometimes we ride high sometimes we ride sober

We're entering an altered state
nurtured with love and brewed in hate
Brothers and sisters all we are is one
one heart one soul, so beautiful... beautiful"
Track Name: [C] I Confess
"I remember the nights and I remember the days we were just starting out in this life of ours and we were brighter than light and we were faster than time we would stay up all night just to witness the sight of the rising sun fueling our dreams for decades ahead as they sailed on to seas for beautiful lands full of innocent laughs where happiness thrives and humanity strives for the best and we never dreamt anything less although i confess sometimes we were scared but we were never afraid sometimes we would lose but we'd still celebrate. And the days would pass while we laid out the plans of us trashing the world and how should know it would all come crashing down and dissolve in the past and suddenly i grew up so fast.

I remember the day like it was yesterday when you left me the weight of the world on my shoulders and despite all this time I 'm still darker than night and though it didn't kill me I never got stronger One last breath, one last heartbeat cause its twice as hard without you here This is double the life, this is double the pain trapped in this pathetic suit of a man I'm going to places you would like to go and I'm doing the things that you dreamt to do. I hope I'm making you proud yes I'm doing my best to make you proud. One last breath to set me free, one last heartbeat's all i need. Hold your tears, celebrate your dead for we all are one and we shall meet again. Somewhere high up there there's a magic mountain where all my friends they laugh and play hold on my brothers I m coming your way"
Track Name: [C] Sound of my heart
"this is the sound of my heart
feeding with tears and pissing out blood
this is the sound of the city"
Track Name: [C] Heart and soul
"I'm doing my best but it's not enough
I'm doing my best but it's never enough
and pain is my friend, and pain feels like home
and I'm having the best of times, when I'm all alone

This heart that I own is cold as stone
This heart that I own is made out of bone
and seasons do change and seasons do pass
its there to remind me with pride of it's broken past

I spend my days lost in the crowd
I spend my nights singing out loud
the loss and the pain since the day I was born
the loss and the strain that burdens my soul

gasping for breath I'm drinking my mess
Fighting to lift this weight off my chest
and pain is my friend, and pain feels like home
and I'm having the best of times, when I'm all alone"
Track Name: [C] Noise dealer
"This thing I'm holding ain't no gun but, but it could kill ya. It's neck is rough and if you're tough enough then you might just see the killer... the sound distiller, tone maker, noise dealer, ground breaker. I sat down, I took my time and waited. A dark shadow approached slowly said no words but I bet his voice would resonate death and embarass noise. His eyes were oscilating, dominating, rule breaking you could see my fingers shaking. Wrapped up in a blanket I was so scared I stood cold and waited

Step by step down the dark stairway
That's where my dealer is waiting
Step by step down the dark stairway
That's where my dealer is waiting

Stressed up, curled up back in the corner I mumbled in fear who the fuck are you and he said nothing, of course he did, I had heard rumours since I was kid. A man of few words, so i played a few chords, said i know your myth now follow my lead as he sat down and switched on a city of lights.... for me. Eyes crossed and sweat would river down my neck to my fingers and before i could move my lips I took a some zips of ale to hold the shiver. Behold the sound dealer with his elegant figure, he unpacked his toys and filled the room with noise something I can only describe as the perfect painkiller... my only painkiller"